Search For the Best Participants

Ryan Nget was a vocational player in high school. He won a lot of money thanks to his stubborn training. When Nget decided to enter the university, he had a desire to hold his profitable gaming account, and at the same time, he wanted to enjoy student life. He was able to find this opportunity at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

Although many critics in our time do not take this idea seriously, well-known Esports programs try to attract such talented players as Negt. According to Ryan Negt, ‘it doesn’t matter what other people reflect on this sport, the most important thing is university entrance’.

Victoria Horsley said that many people simply know nothing about this sport, and colleges do not have a clue how to start and support programs of this format in the future. The only thing they know is that they need to cooperate with external recruiting programs for athletes and coaches. There are also trainers who attend school contests, in order to find university level leaders.

In more traditional sports, athletes are selected in high school. But as Alan Gadbois said, ‘Esports’ coaches also pay attention to elementary school students, since the tactics of games can change very quickly.’

Coaches of Esports can find cyber-sportsmen in online games and establish personal contact with them. The only problem is that the coach sees only the player’s nickname, which in no way characterizes the player.

Players often communicate with each other in programs such as Discord and Harrisburg, because they have the opportunity to communicate using voice and text messages.

Harrisburg Esports’s director, Chad Smeltz, said that recruitment coverage will increase to 1,000 by next year. The University decided to hold online competitions among hundreds of players, of which they then selected the top 30 players, one of whom was Negt. Later on, from members, the best of the best were selected, with which the Harrisburg provided scholarships for all years of study.

Keep Up with the Times and Attract Talents

One of those colleges that pay scholarships to Esports student is Robert Morris University at Illinois. Students receive a scholarship of up to 70 per cent of their studies. The main recruitment strategy of Robert Morris is that they hire people with vast experience and connections in the gaming community.

Director of the University of California at Irvine enlists only four people a year from college students. He also added that the authenticity of the results is a great advantage of the participants’ personal testing. Irvine’s program is located in the department of work with students, this is why this program is very popular. This program is also engaged in the study of games and career development of students.

More and more schools are trying to attract students to their educational establishments while investing money in Esports. The space of Esports is becoming richer and more popular among high-graders.