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How to Combine College and Work Seamlessly

College is a busy and sometimes stressful activity. Classes, homework and exams leave not so much time for something beyond study. Still, many students choose to have a part-time job; the reasons are numerous and range from the need for money to a desire to be actively involved in professional, sport or social life. Balancing your college and work so that you can succeed with both is a really challenging task. If this is your case, consider the following recommendations from

Set Up a Fixed Schedule

Planning is what can help a busy individual successfully be involved in different activities without getting stressed too much. This means you, as a working student, should have a clear idea of what you are going to do during each and every day. This will help you be mentally prepared and adhere to a set timetable. The more detailed your schedule is, the easier you can navigate during a day. Make sure you have both short-term (daily) and longer-term (weekly) schedules in place. Another important consideration is that, for productivity reasons, there should be clear boundaries between different activities – study, work and rest.

Set Realistic Goals

To avoid stress, it is helpful to keep your goals in terms of study and work realistic. You should clearly understand what you expect from each of the activities and why you decide to get involved in both. For example, define what level of grades you strive for and invest just as much efforts as necessary to achieve the goal. This kind of approach helps stay focused on the most important and relevant things in your life and avoid wasting extra time and energy where you actually don’t need it.

Seek Support From Your Family and Friends

You should never try putting the entire overload on your own shoulders only. Prior to deciding on combining work and college, consult your family and friends to make sure they are willing to render you the necessary assistance during this busy stretch of your life. This will also help if you struggle to figure out how you can succeed with balancing your study and other aspects of your daily activities. It is important to have people to rely upon.

Relieve Stress

Prior to getting involved in this busy life pattern, it is advisable to figure out how you are going to relieve stress inevitably accumulated when a person has no chances to break a set daily routine. From time to time, you will need to get rid of this kind of physical and mental tension. Make sure you have certain predefined procedures in place for this end. Some people relax through reading, while others may prefer sports, fishing or hanging out with their friends. It’s highly individual. The only thing that matters is that these activities are to find their deserved place in your schedule. Another benefit is that they can serve as a powerful stimulus for you.

While combining your study and work is a challenging task that suits not everyone, nothing is impossible. Consider taking the above tips in account to avoid stresses and live a full, diversified life when you are in college.